About me

Hi everyone,

My name is Martijn Bosschaart, and I currently work as a Senior Systems Engineer at Nutanix Netherlands. Prior to Nutanix I worked 7 years as a pre-sales engineer for Citrix.

On this blog I want to bring both worlds together. First of all because I think Nutanix is the future of datacenter design and delivers a kick-ass platform to run Citrix workloads on, and secondly because I still love Citrix’ solutions for Desktop Virtualisation and think they are the best in the industry. So you will find news on Nutanix here, as well as info on Citrix, and then ofcourse articles about how to integrate the two solutions, as well as info on relevant vendors like NVIDIA, Microsoft and VMWare.

Oh, you might also find a rant or random mumble now and then so here’s the disclaimer:

Views expressed are my own, and this is not an official Nutanix or Citrix blog.

Have fun!