The Size Is Right European Sticker Sweepstake!



Hi all,

The Nutanix Sizer tool ( has been available for quite some time now, but we ofcourse never stop innovating on it. One of the latest additions is the ability to import the popular RVTools ( output files straight into Sizer, completely removing manual entry of VMs and specifications. While you should of course still check the output and adjust where needed, it dramatically simplifies the workflow of sizing a Nutanix environment based on output you get from VMware vCenter. You can also share sizings you made directly with a Nutanix SE or Consultant if you wish.

To encourage usage of these features, and to familiarise you with it, I’ve organised this little sweepstake.

The big prize?

A custom designed Nutanix laptop sticker sheet by yours truly, printed on high quality vinyl from Stickermule!

While I do understand it might be too much to put all the stickers of one sheet on one laptop, which I do encourage, please feel free to share with your peers, loved ones, friends, parents and next door neighbours!

That is…. if you win!

So how do you win?

Simple, use the Sizer!

The task:

  1. Download the example RVtools export here: RVtoolsExample
  2. Log into Sizer and click on “+ New Scenario” at the top of the screen.
  3. Give the scenario your full name.
  4. Select Nutanix nodes to base the scenario on. (Do NOT click “Use Nutanix SX models”
  5. Click on “+ Add Scenario Objectives” and enter your home or office postal address into the “Descriptions” box, and save the scenario.
  6. Exit the workload wizard straightaway (don’t create a new workload)
  7. Click the button with the 3 dots  next to the scenario name and select “Import RVtools Output“.
  8. Import the downloaded sample file and let it create the sizing for you.
  9. From the three dot menu select “Share Scenario” and share it with
  10. If you shared me the correct output, you will receive the prize in the post!

The rules:

  1. Only participants with a postal address within Europe can participate.
  2. Only one entry per participant allowed.
  3. First 25 correct entries will win.
  4. Competition will run until December 22nd, after which you can no longer download the example RVtools file.
  5. Entering does not guarantee a prize.
  6. Nutanix employees are excluded from participating.
  7. If I forgot any rules, I reserve the right to make up a new one on the spot 😉

Disclaimer: this sweepstake is organised by me personally, and you can claim no rights whatsoever with my employer Nutanix. By entering you accept my rules. And be careful, I’m also a baseball umpire, so I know how to uphold rules 😉

Good luck!


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